General IT Services
Optimum Health Systems (OHS) Inc., an outpatient mental health clinic in Baltimore Maryland needed to migrate from paper-based medical records to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software solution. An added hurdle was the fact that the computer proficiency of the clients’ staff varied widely: some of its staff were able to easily learn new technology while others required more time.

Orbit Shakers goal was to research, select and implement an EMR that

  • Was “easy for all staff to use”
  • Was “not too expensive”
  • Was well supported
  • Met business needs

Keeping OHS Inc.’s goals in mind, we evaluated several mental health EMR products (both open source and paid) and recommended a product to OHS Inc.’s management. 

The recommended EMR not only addressed OHS Inc.’s day-to-day workflow in a cost-effective manner, it also integrated with Microsoft Word, a software tool which most of the existing staff were already comfortable using, significantly reducing the amount of training to give staff members.

Orbit Shakers worked with the EMR vendor to implement the EMR and ensure it met OHS Inc.’s business needs. Using a train-the-trainer approach, we received training from the EMR vendor, and trained OHS Inc. staff members on how to use the new tool.


In 2014, OHS Inc. implemented the recommended EMR which is currently in use. Staff members are able to quickly complete their progress notes, view their patient’s medical records, view their appointment schedule, and track due dates of time sensitive documents. Furthermore, staff members are able to securely access the tool through the web, so that they can complete their documentation even when they are not at OHS Inc. offices.

In addition to taking on some of the implementation responsibilities, Orbit Shakers currently provides daily, ongoing technical support and system administration of the EMR to OHS Inc’s staff virtually and in-person, resulting in secure significant discount on the setup costs and monthly per user cost billed to OHS Inc.

Whenever the need arises for the vendor to provide support and make needed changes to their product, we are able to serve as knowledgeable middle-men between OHS Inc. and the vendor.