General IT Services
In anticipation of a statewide lockdown due to COVID-19, Optimum Health Systems (OHS) Inc., an outpatient mental health clinic, needed to setup the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure that was readily able to support staff in conducting their day-to-day tasks without interruption of services provided.

The aim of this project was to

  • Ensure staff had all the hardware and software needed to complete their daily workflows
  • Set up a Tier 1 IT support to ensure staff are able to get help whenever they encounter technical difficulties.

To determine changes that need to be made in order to support telework, Orbit Shakers conducted a gap analysis of the current infrastructure. We then:

  • Acquired and configured a fax machine that is able to support email forwarding, so that faxes received to the office fax line is forwarded to an email dedicated to faxes
  • Acquired laptops for prescribers and configured them to access OHS Inc’s Electronic Medical Record  (EMR) and provide remote IT support as needed
  • Set-up prescribers’ at-home work environment with laptops and fax machines
  • Implemented a collaborative platform on which remote administrative staff stayed connected throughout the workday
  • Provided Tier 1 IT support for all OHS Inc.’s staff
  • Re-configured OHS Inc.’s Voice Over IP (VOIP) system so that calls to the clinic are forwarded to an administrative staff
  • Assisted prescribers in registering and configuring an electronic prescription platform that integrates with OHS Inc.’s EMR
  • Evaluated several video conferencing software, selected a HIPAA-compliant solution and obtained a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) as mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Evaluated several electronic faxing solutions and selected a HIPAA compliant solution and obtained a BAA as mandated by HIPAA

With the telework infrastructure in place, OHS Inc. was able to continue providing Outpatient Mental Health Services to its clients using telephonic and audio visual contact, electronic prescription, electronic reception and transmission of faxes, collaborative tools, remote support tools, and first level IT support that provided by Orbit Shakers Inc.

This seamless continuation of services provided ensured that OHS Inc.’s income stream was not adversely affected by the statewide lockdown due to COVID-19.