What we do

Our information technology services include process, hardware and software consultation, implementation, and on-going technical support.

We help businesses like yours streamline day-to-day tasks, increase efficiency, reduce errors and save money. We assess and implement the best technical solutions to solve business problems enabling our clients to respond and adapt quickly to changes.

We have prepared our clients to provide Telehealth Services, set their up employees for telework as well as selected and implemented the best Electronic Medical Record system to meet their needs.

Project Portfolio

Electronic Medical Record<br/>Implementation
Electronic Medical Record

General IT Services

Telework Setup
Telework Setup

General IT Services

We design and develop responsive and interactive web, mobile and desktop applications, as well as websites.

Our programming language skill set include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java and PHP and our toolbox features WordPress (including woocommerce), Drupal, Angular, XAMPP, PHPMyAdmin, Pega, Zapier, Twilio, Documo.

We developed a web app that helped our client manage their patient database, enrollment history, and tracking the due dates of clinical documents.

We worked on a mobile app that clinicians can use to track their completed supervision hours which is used to qualify for the next level of their clinical license.

We built a prototype web app to support our proposal to the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) to provide a web-based tool a clinic can use to assess their readiness to provide telehealth services.

We created a web app with which our clients present their inventory online, allowing their customers to receive custom cost estimates.

Project Portfolio

Hope Health Systems <br/>Website
Hope Health Systems

Web and App Development

My Licensure <br/>Mobile App
My Licensure
Mobile App

Web and App Development

Telehealth Readiness <br/>Assessment Tool Prototype
Telehealth Readiness
Assessment Tool Prototype

Web and App Development

We design and create graphics and visual elements for web and print using Adobe Creative Suite and Material Design.

Orbit Shakers designs User Interfaces (UI) for apps and websites. We inventory UI elements and create iconography, style guides, pattern libraries and design systems.

We work very closely with our clients to research and develop their Visual Identity and Branding and ensure the final product truly reflects their vision. We create logos, letterheads, business cards, newsletters, business forms, and brochures.

We source and create graphics used in our clients’ websites, blogs, and social media pages and also design flyers, posters, banners for clients’ events and programs.

Project Portfolio

KJones Consulting <br/>Visual Identity Design
KJones Consulting
Visual Identity Design

Graphic and Visual Design

We research and design solutions that enhance the User Experience (UX).

Orbit Shakers uses various qualitative and quantitative methods to uncover and test issues that may impede users’ satisfaction with our clients’ products.

We conduct surveys, interviews and focus groups, create personas, customer journey maps and wire frames, and use heuristic evaluation, analytics and usability testing (remote and in-person) to inform product designs and content organization.

We also provide career coaching services for newly minted UX researchers and designers. Services include resume and portfolio review as well as interview preparation.

Orbit Shakers’ UX toolkit includes but is not limited to Whimsical, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Qualtrics, NoviSurvey, and Survey Monkey.

Project Portfolio

Loyola University Maryland <br />Pre-Health Program
Loyola University Maryland
Pre-Health Program

UX Research and Design

Medicine for <br />the Greater Good
Medicine for
the Greater Good

UX Research and Design

Loyola University Maryland <br />Student Health Center
Loyola University Maryland
Student Health Center

UX Research and Design

Orbit Shakers incorporates user research data and targets clients’ business goals as we audit, analyze, create, organize and manage content for them.

From information architecture to plain language to search engine optimization (SEO), we ensure that content is easily findable and understandable by users.

We write, edit, and publish content for clients’ books, e-newsletters, blogs, websites, and social media pages.

Our toolkit includes Screaming Frog, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite and Google Analytics.

Orbit Shakers works with clients to coordinate and implement communication strategies both online and offline.

We worked with our clients’ team to optimize the digital publishing workflow for updates of blog posts, accompanying podcasts, e-newsletters, and social media channels.

We research, populate, and manage our clients’ social media calendars (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram).

We use analytics to identify gaps in communication, evaluate methods used, and measure the effectiveness of the implemented digital media strategy.

Tools we use include Hootsuite, Aweber Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and native Social Media Analytics.