Hope Health Systems
Web and App Development
Hope Health Systems (HHS) Inc., an outpatient mental health clinic, needed to revamp their existing website to reflect new changes in their services and expand the types of content provided for site visitors.
HHS Inc. also required training of its IT personnel, so they can make content changes to the website through a Content Management System (CMS).

HHS Inc. wanted a website that:

  • Was easily updateable by its staff
  • Was designed to match the current identity (color scheme and logo)
  • Displayed videos from their Medical Director’s YouTube Channel
  • Allowed visitors fill out and sign referral documents

Orbit Shakers reviewed the current HHS Inc. website and interviewed an HHS Inc. representative to understand the organization’s needs for the website.

As the client had previous experience with WordPress, we researched several premium WordPress templates that met HHS Inc.’s requirements and presented the templates to them to make a selection. We tailored the selected template, by using custom coding, changing the theme colors and fonts, and removing unwanted User Interface (UI) items, to reflect the client’s brand and fulfill their business needs.

We deployed a first iteration of the completed website in a staging environment so that HHS Inc. personnel can review and provide feedback. Based on the feedback we received, we updated the website, and then deployed the website to a production/live environment. 

We trained HHS Inc. technical staff on how to provide system administration for the website. This involved training on the architecture of the CMS, how to upgrade versions of the CMS and how to upgrade any accompanying CMS plugins. We also trained HHS Inc. staff on how to update the content of the website.

Orbit Shakers provides ongoing support for HHS Inc. technical personnel as needed.


The HHS Inc. website is now consistent with the organization’s identity and is easily updateable through a CMS administrative console. Due to training received from Orbit Shakers, HHS Inc.’s technical staff is able to provide system administration for the website.

Screenshot of Homepage
Screenshot of HHS Website