My Licensure
Mobile App
Web and App Development
Data Loop Solutions needed a mobile application that helped mental health clinicians track the supervision hours completed towards qualifying for the next level of their clinical license.

The goals of My Licensure were to:

  • Allow clinicians (Supervisors and Supervisees) to register
  • Allow clinicians that needed supervision to find licensed Supervisors and request supervision
  • Allow licensed Supervisors to accept and establish a Supervisor-Supervisee relationship
  • Allow Supervisors to document a supervision session
  • Allow Supervisees to get a tally of the total hours of supervision they have received

Orbit Shakers met with Data Loop personnel to discuss requirements for My Licensure. We designed the Identity and User Interface (UI) for the application. We developed the frontend of the mobile application using Ionic Framework and the backend using Java Spring Boot Framework.


We demonstrated the app to our client, packaged the application for deployment on mobile devices and installed the application on the client’s mobile devices.

My Licensure App Demo