Telehealth Readiness
Assessment Tool Prototype
Web and App Development
MHCC published a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a web version of their paper-based tool designed to help healthcare facilities determine their readiness to provide Telehealth services. Orbit Shakers developed a prototype web application to bolster its response to the RFP.

The goal of the working prototype was to increase our chances of being awarded the project. We planned to achieve this goal by building a working prototype that was:

  • User friendly and intuitive
  • Similar to the paper version of the assessment tool to reduce cognitive load
  • Improve upon the existing paper version by providing automatic calculations and scoring

We designed the User Interface (UI) of the application to closely match the paper based form, so that users can go back and forth between the paper based assessment and the web application with relative ease.We developed a responsive frontend for the application using Angular Framework and the backend using Java Spring Boot Framework.


We developed and staged the assessment tool to accompany the proposal. Orbit Shakers’ proposal was one of the two selected for the final round of the award process.

Demo of TRA Tool