UX Research and Design

Medicine for the Greater Good (MGG), a community-focused initiative, encourages students, residents and faculty at all Johns Hopkins Schools to bring health care out of the hospital and into the community. MGG’s website needed to be updated to ensure site visitors understood its mission and how to get involved with its programs.


This project aimed to:

  • re-introduce the purpose, mechanisms and benefits of the MGG initiative to various audiences in an intuitive and user-friendly manner
  • create a dynamic, re-designed website that embodies, complements, and reflects the innovative and groundbreaking initiative that is MGG

Based on discussions with the client, we created personas and outlined tasks each persona would need to perform on the the new website. A heuristic evaluation of the current website was also completed to see where the site failed and uncover areas that needed to be improved. A new information architecture was developed which allowed users to quickly perform tasks and find answers to the questions they have.

MGG Persona: Dr. Chen

MGG Persona - Dr. Chen

MGG Persona: Sonja

MGG Persona - Sonja

MGG Persona: Larry

MGG Persona - Larry

A redesigned website with a “clean and minimal” homepage which targeted the site visitors’ focus was launched. The page content clearly explains MGG’s purpose and the menu was updated to highlight pertinent sections which motivate visitors to look around the site. An online form provides an easy way for site users to contact MGG with any questions they have. Post-launch, there was a 97% increase in website visitors, a 33% increase in visitors’ counties and a 23% increase in page views.

Screenshot of Home Page

Medicine for the Greater Good Website